Thursday, October 2, 2008

Cincinnati Update...

Today went well. Ana had 3 tests today. We started the day at 8:45AM with a Renal Ultrasound. We will get results from that tomorrow, all we know right now is that her bladder is very large. The second test of the day was at 10:30AM and was a Urodynamics Test. These results we will also receive tomorrow. Finally, at 12:00PM, the last test of the day was the VCUG. We did get some preliminary results from this test and now know that her bladder is not refluxing into her kidneys! Praise God!
I had planned on updating with pictures, but my camera is missing in action... As soon as I find it, I will add them!
Please keep praying! We have tests and appointments tomorrow with Ana and her baby sister Sage.


  1. Its good to know that you got to ohio safley! and i am glad the tests went lets pray for good results!
    I will Be Praying for all of ya'll and will miss you at awana's.

    ~Caroline Gant

  2. Praise God for no reflux! Sending lots of hugs!