Friday, September 12, 2008

Prayers, prayers, prayers...

Ana's appointment today went well. Please continue to pray with us about this surgery. Pray for Dr. M as he puts her to sleep on Monday. We went over all of the meds he would use and all of the ones he would avoid. He did tell us that if she shows signs of respiratory weakness after the sedation that he wouldn't hesitate to put her in PICU overnight for observation... we do not anticipate any problems though. As for her motility appointment this coming Friday... there was some confusion and it did not get on the schedule. I need everyone to pray that somehow Dr. K will still be able to do her consult... her leaking continues to get worse and we desperately need to see a motility specialist.
Now, for the very bad news... Landon is doing very bad and in an extreme amount of pain. The doctors in Houston are telling Jen that he may not make it through this new infection. I know she is scared and I know Landon is scared. Landon is in Houston, in the middle of a hurricane, and with his mommy. The hospital is on lock down due to the storm and only one parent per child was allowed to stay. As of 11PM, Landon was being transferred to PICU with a temperature over 105! The doctors are going to intubate and put him back on the vent. PLEASE PRAY FOR LITTLE LANDON... PRAY FOR A MIRACLE!!! Pray for Jen, her husband, and for their other children.

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