Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Knowing God's Plan

I am very scared... Ana's problems seem to roll in one after another... I don't know God's plan, but I do know about it... I know that God's plan is perfect. Please continue to pray for Ana... pray for healing, pray for comfort, pray for peace. Pray for Shey and I, pray that we continue to cling to the Lord through these times, pray for our patience, pray for our finances, pray for our peace. Pray for our children, pray for their faith in the Lord, pray for their comfort, pray for their understanding of God's plan for Ana.
Ana's specific prayer needs for the upcoming 2 weeks:
  • Friday- Cardiologist to make decision about testing to check newly found heart murmur.
  • Wednesday- Travel mercies as we leave for Cincinnati.
  • Thursday- 3 kidney/bladder tests
  • Friday- Urology consultation, Surgery follow-up, Malone tube removal, and integrated enema training.
  • Monday- Mitochondrial/Neurology specialist consultation. Possible straight cath training.
  • Tuesday- Motility specialist consultation.
  • Wednesday- Travel mercies for our journey home.

Thank you to all of you who pray for our family on a continual basis. Please also pray about funding for our trip next week. These trips are costly and our estimations show that we are about $1,000.00 short for next week. Included in our trip costs are gas, hotel, food, and lost pay. Please pray about this need.

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