Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Cincinnati here we come!

Well, it's the last trip of the summer and we are ready for it to be over. I am so ready to get my house back in order and start the school year with my children. I still can't believe my little Ana is going to be in K-4!!! This year will be my 7th year homeschooling and my first year teaching 4 different grades. I am so thankful that God has given us the ability to homeschool them!

As for Cincy... It is 11:33PM and the bags are finally packed! Josh and I will load the car in the next 20 minutes. Shey is fast asleep, as he is doing the driving tomorrow. I will leave you with a picture of our luggage... the 1960 Mr. Bean, brown suitcase on the floor is Josh's. Oh and meet Josh... he is getting her night feed ready in this photo! Thanks Beverly and Howard for letting us borrow him! I will update as soon as we get to Cincinnati and find a wireless connection! Please don't forget to pray for our travels.

As for Ana, the doctors are positive she is now having seizures. As soon as we return from Cincy she will undergo a 24 hour EEG and a sleep study in Savannah. The doctors are very concerned about this new symptom... Ana is on extremely high doses of two seizure medications to treat her neuropathy and she should not be having break through seizures on these medications.

Pray for Ana, that God stop these seizures... that He take this disease from her little body.

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  1. Sending you many wishes for safe travels. I hope that the docs can find some answers and ways to help your sweet girl.

    Sending peace and light,
    Nena & Reese