Monday, August 11, 2008

Cincinnati Days 4 & 5...

Ana & Sage with their new friends, Lauren & Allen.

Sage watching as Allen helps Ana open gifts.

The Truth about dinosaurs revealed in the Bible.

Taken from the New Testament Exhibit at the Creation Museum.

The Apostle Paul.

Saturday... we had the entire day open, so after some research we decided to go to a very special place. We went to the Creation Museum! This is a Museum that teaches the truth about the 6 days of creation... Ana had so much fun and she loved the petting zoo exhibit. Shey and I highly recommend this museum. It helps put God's Word into perspective... absolutely wonderful for children and teens! Following the museum adventure, we had dinner with a wonderful family here in Cincinnati. This family, along with their church, has prayed for Ana and had a bake sale to raise money for her. It was a blessing to fellowship with them and their children! After dinner we headed back to the hotel to do the dreaded enema. I will say that the Saturday enema went much better than the Friday enema.

Sunday... Sunday was definitely our day of rest. We began the day with church, then stopped by the mall for lunch, and spent the rest of the day in the room. It was nice just spending some quiet time together. Tonight Ana had a difficult time with the enema. She cried, screamed, and then gave up and fell asleep. We had a hard time getting her to wake up to evacuate the enema. We will talk to the nurse tomorrow about the Malone Procedure. I can not do this to her every night. We have been doing enemas for 20 months and I am tired of it.

Please pray for Ana...

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