Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ana needs prayers...

Ana had a terrible night. Her legs began hurting at church and didn't give her a break until 1 AM. She screamed and cried, off and on, for over 5 hours. She is so scared of this disease... she talks more and more about heaven everyday... Please get on your knees with us and pray for her strength and comfort. And for those of you who see her out and about, could you take a minute and remind her of how beautiful she truly is. As Ana gets older she realizes more and more how different she is. Lately, she has been upset about the way her tubies make her dresses and shirts look. She cries that they look weird and make her clothes stick out. Thank you.


  1. Dear Miss Ana Maria,
    You are a beautiful young lady and we check in on you almost every day. Sending many hugs and wishes of peace and light to you,
    Nena and Reese

  2. Hello Ana Maria!!I know you don't really know me but i just wanted to say that every time i see you in church on sundays, you always look so beautiful.Always remeber that God thinks your beautiful too, no matter what.Caroline Gant