Wednesday, June 11, 2008


We are stable at the moment. Ana tolerated her feed last night and with prayer she will do well tonight. I changed her j-tube to a shorter one and that has helped tremendously with the j-tube leak. She continues to do well with meds, formula, and water going into her g-tube. However, I am sad to report that she is spitting out most of her food and feeling sick to her stomach often during the day. We are also waiting to here from her neurologist at MUSC about medication changes. The high doses are causing severe mood swings, along with some disturbing behavior. For any of you who see this behavior at church or in the community, please understand that this is not our Ana, this is a side effect of her medication. Her feet seem to be numb most of the time and her PT thinks this is contributing to her increased unsteadiness. Her PT doesn't see any strengthening , but continues to strive for improvement. Oh... and we had a car accident today. We were rear ended on the way home from therapy. Everyone is OK and the car has only minor damage to the bumper. We want to thank the Bluffton Fire Department for their quick response and professional politeness. Please keep these and firefighters around the globe in your prayers as they work to save, serve, and protect our communities. And a big thank you to the Beaufort County Sheriff Deputy who did the accident report... and pray for our law enforcement, also, please.
On a more positive note... Ana's wheelchair was ordered yesterday and we should have it next week!!!
Thank you to all of our prayer warriors!!! And remember to P.U.S.H.
(Pray Until Something Happens)

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  1. Hi...hopefully you remember me from MWP. I have been checking your blog regularly, added it to my blogger list of blogs I like to read on my blog site so you get others coming on too. I am praying for you guys, and although sad to see what her diagnosis is--thankful that at least you know what you are dealing with now so you can narrow any possible available treatment down to that, even if it is only by treating symptoms. I am hoping for a mirable and that you get lots of time with your precious sweet girl. (((hugs)))