Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Pray & Help Us Help Landon!

Ana is doing wonderful! She is tolerating all of her tube feeds and medications into her stomach! This is something the doctors didn't think possible... doctors said if her stomach ever began to work again that we would have to gradually wean her from j-tube to g-tube feeds... God says different... God says trust Me... I prayed about this and told God... I trust You. The next evening I hooked Ana's tube to her g-tube and pushed the "run" button on her pump... I am still praying and God is still answering! Today Ana wanted a happy meal, she ate the meat of the hamburger, all but 2 fries, and 2 of Isabelle's apple dippers! Ana has never eaten like this... we are truly amazed at how wonderful God is!!! As for prayers... join us in daily prayer for Ana... pray about the continued leg pain, pray about her non functioning sigmoid colon, pray for a compete healing, and lift praises to God for answered prayers!
Also, we need you all to lift Landon in prayer. Landon's condition continues to worsen and his daddy is 1,400 miles away in another state. Landon's dad and brothers will travel to visit him this weekend, but this will take a huge financial toll on his family. Pray that God will provide a way and pray that Landon will be healed. Landon needs a miracle and we know God is capable! Landon's family needs a financial miracle, so that they can be together again. I couldn't imagine Ana being in such a life threatening situation and Shey being that many miles away. Pray for Jen, Landon's mom, pray she be comforted during this time. I know "Landon's Prayer" is to have his daddy along side him and his mommy. Therefore, anyone wanting to help pay for gas and time off work so Landon's family can be together can donate here on Ana's site. Just click the "Make A Donation" button! After the donation has been made, email me at
HelpCureAnaMaria@hargray.com , put "Landon's Prayer" in the subject line, and specify the amount of your donation!


  1. Praise God!!!!!! I have happy tears in my eyes! Go Ana go! :) I pray that all these good things continue and continuously pray about Ana's leg pain and I pray for you all. God is so good! God bless you all! I'm also keeping Landon and his family in my prayers as well as the other families you have mentioned on here.

    Erin(in Nebraska)

  2. Yay for Ana!!!!!!!