Saturday, May 31, 2008

Medication Changes...

I am sad to report that we did go up on pain medication. The side effect... a 5 hour nap from 3PM to 8PM and back to bed at 11PM. If she begins to sleep like this everyday or if this increases we will have to try another medication. The good news is that yesterday we didn't have pain. Ana is having some strange issues with her feeds and we are waiting to hear back from her surgeon and her GI doctor in Boston. I will update about that when I hear from them. She is still eating and taking feeds into her stomach, but the doctors are not sure how well things are moving through or at what rate. If things are moving through too fast, called hypermotility, then nutrients won't be absorbed and she will begin to loose weight. So far, she has only lost half a pound and weight will continue to be monitored. Please remember to pray for Ana continually! Pray about our trips, her pain, her GI tract, and pray for comfort & peace.

And now... for a good laugh... Ana wants everyone to meet her new human! Yes, she calls Steven her "human", she has never called anyone a human! Ana always finds a way to make us laugh! Pictured below is a picture of her human hanging out with her and drawing for her on a magnadoodle. Just to let you know, we have added lots of pictures to the picture link on the left side of this page! We had a wonderful pool party with family & friends and wanted to share with those of you who couldn't be here!

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  1. What a great human you are! Nice artwork there too :) God Bless You - Thank you for sharing - we will keep Ana Maria & family in our prayer's! You too human - ANA MARIA is Beautiful - She looks like a precious Angel.