Thursday, May 15, 2008

Appointment Update...

Ana's appointment went well. The doctor did an x-ray of the bowel and recommended an enema. Our plan is to do an enema every 3 days until we get to Cincinnati. The Cincinnati trip will be in August, 12 weeks and counting! We have been in contact with Ana's GI and they agreed with the enema regimen. They also recommended a follow up in the near future, but we are not planning on going back to Boston until next spring. Her GI in Boston was happy to hear we were going to attempt bowel management in OH and said if it didn't work out they would be more than willing to do the appendicostomy. With that being said..... we need prayers for Ana's bowels. Pray that Ana be comforted during these enemas, pray that bowel management works and we can avoid surgery, and pray that what is left of her GI tract maintain health and function. Also, pray for the nurse and doctor reviewing Ana's wheelchair appeal. I will try to post Ana's summer appointments in the next week, so you can join us in praying about each one.


  1. Definetly keeping all of you in prayer!

    God bless you all!

    Erin (in Nebraska)

  2. Yay for having a date for Cincinnati! Yay for the okay from the GI! And yay for Ana!

    She's so beautiful. Wishing big things for you all over here.

    Best wishes,