Sunday, April 6, 2008

Pray for comfort.

Ana continues to have bowel problems. She needs prayers for comfort. The increased Neurontin seems to be helping the leg pain, but is causing horrible mood swings. We are also asking for prayers on our upcoming trips. We pray it is God's will to get Ana to Ohio where there are experienced doctors who can address her colon issues. We are deeply saddened every time another part of her body shuts down. We know our Lord is in control, but as parents He gave us a very strong love for our children... a love that wants to keep them near... a love that doesn't want to let go...
We pray it is in God's will for us to get to Indy 2008. As parents we have a deep desire to understand this disease. Indy 2008 is the best opportunity for us to get educated on this disease, meet others going through the same thing, and learn about the latest research and drug trials.
Lastly, we pray for the Lord's guidance in finding a knowledgeable Mito specialist. We have a well known specialist in Houston, TX reviewing her records now. Ana's Mito Dr in Atlanta is not currently seeing follow-ups, and when he does began seeing patients again, Ana is number 89 on the wait list. With all of her problems getting worse, she needs to be followed regularly by a mito doctor. We ask all of you to pray for this upcoming trip along with the others. We have complete faith that if it is in God's will, He will provide. So, Pray...Pray...Pray!!!

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