Thursday, April 17, 2008

The pain has returned.

Ana's leg pain came back last night for a little over an hour. Then, around 6AM it started again. After the morning episode I noticed she was dragging her toes when she walked.... which led to yet another fall! She now has a huge mark on her cheek where she hit the corner of a box. She is falling much more than usual, at least 30 falls this week. Yes, this is another common problem with Mito kids. Between the pain, the falls, and insurance denying her wheel chair, I am becoming frustrated. I am in need of prayers... prayers for patience... and prayers for guidance as I file an appeal with the insurance company. Oh, and don't forget to pray for the doctors who will review the appeal, pray that their hearts will be open and that they will make the best decision for Ana.
I will update tomorrow after I hear from the neurologist.

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