Tuesday, January 29, 2008

No Date...

The ENT we went to see Monday is not comfortable doing Ana's surgery. He was our only chance of having her surgery in Savannah. Ana's pulmonologist is sending her to a pediatric specialist at MUSC, where she will have surgery. Charleston will be difficult, but far better than going to Atlanta or Boston. I will let you all know when we know the date!
Please keep praying for Ana. This week in homeschool she learned the sound of the letter "a", how to write the number "2", and how to pronounce "Mitochondrial Disease". Everyday brings new physical challenges and with those challenges brings the need to further help her understand the disease within her little body... we also explain how short life is on this Earth and how long and wonderful our eternal life will be. Ana loves talking about Heaven, she loves the idea of no "tubies", no surgery, no shots, no doctors, and no pain... Please pray for her.

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