Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Waiting Is Almost Over

The wait is almost over. Ana's test results should be in sometime between Wednesday, Oct 10, 2007, and Nov 7, 2007. I am not sure how I should feel... nervous... relieved... sad... happy... too many emotions running through me. I do pray for answers... I am only asking for answers... we have accepted the fact that Ana most likely won't get better. She struggles on a daily basis. Her neurologist feels it may be down hill from here. I just thank God for every moment we have together... every snuggle... every kiss... ever laugh... and every cry.

Ana's MRI is scheduled for Nov 26th and 27th. It will be done over 2 days and will total 4 hours. Depending on the test results we will return to Boston for Botox Injections in an effort to help the stomach empty into the small intestine.

Sorry, I am having a hard time posting because I am not sure what to say. Just Pray for Ana... Pray for ANSWERS!!! Pray for our family. Thank you.

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