Wednesday, January 3, 2007

WOW! is the only word that came to mind when I read the last comment posted to Ana's site. I only want to make one thing very clear-- ANY and ALL money donated to Ana Maria goes directly toward her medical care and expenses. That is the only response that I will give to that comment. I ask that comments on this site be led by love, concern, and compassion. Comments led by envy and hate will be deleted immediately. With the things we as a family are facing right now it is getting harder for me to keep up regularly with Ana's site. Please have enough respect to refrain from asking questions like, " Don't you think another child deserves Ana's funds more than Ana?". I have to assume the money people donate to Ana's Trust Fund is meant to help Ana Maria find a CURE. I know it is difficult to have hope for a child who continues to get worse and still has no diagnosis, I live it every day of my life. I would sacrifice my own life if it meant she could live a normal healthy life.

After we returned from KKI in April, I thought all hope for a diagnosis was gone. All we had left was Our Heavenly Father. All but 2 of Ana's doctors gave up hope. We know God answers prayers, we have experienced several miracles over the past 3 years. We were told Ana would be brain dead and would probably die immediately following birth. But guess what... She is here... she is sweet... she is smart... and she will celebrate her 3rd birthday in a couple of weeks with people who love her. We were told KKI was the answer but insurance wouldn't pay.... but guess what.... thats exactly right... our prayers were answered yet again and another small peice of the puzzle was solved. We are currently getting second opinions. I will never stop fighting for my baby. Ana has been to Charleston three times in the past three weeks for more tests. Instead of setting out cookies and milk for Santa with her brother and sisters, Ana was scared to death in an operating room being put under general anthestesia so a new g/j tube could be placed; in hopes that she might not loose the small amount of weight she just gained. She has been on four antibiotics in the last 6 weeks and is now doing breathing treatments every four hours along with a 24 hour tube feed she totes all day long. As for her January of 2007, not much different than 2006. Tomorrow therapy and Thursday we are yet again off to Charleston. Then Friday back to the OR for another g/j tube placement. Next week she is blessed with only two appointments which are both local and her 3RD birthday! Then the next week two local appointments and a trip to Charleston for an upper and lower endoscopy. And we will close up January with another trip to the OR, where her wonderful surgeon will seperate her g/j tube and give her two seperate tubes for a more permanent approach to jujostomy feeding. Two seperate tubes verses a combo tube will mean less general anthestesia in the long run. The only down side to two seperate tubes is two holes in her tiny abdomen. Her new doctors consist of a pediatric GI and a genetic specialist. Which both believe there is a chance that Ana has Cystic Fibrosis. We are terrified at the thought of it, but if cf is the diagnosis there are medications to help her live more comfortable and possibly allow her to live longer with the disease. I beg all of you to pray for Ana and all children who face lifethreatening diseases. They don't know what is going on, they just assume this is the way life is... doctors, doctors, and more doctors.



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