Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Sorry about the delay in updates. Reflux continues to pose a problem for Ana and they have put her back on Prevacid. She continues to not gain weight for an unknown reason. And now on top of everything else she is now having pain. She began to complain of leg pain several months back and we chalked it up to normal growing pains. She only had the pain every couple of months or so... no big deal right???... Well now it has gone from one leg to both legs and started causing a problem on a weekly basis and since the beginning of June it has also affected her arms. Yes, Ana will cry for hours over her legs and arms and when asked where it hurts she holds her knees and elbows. Well test...test...test... over the last weeks and everything appears "normal" ??? We are all at a loss and arthritis has been ruled out. So you ask... Where do we go from here? ... The neurologist. We see the pediatric neurologist in early August. We are nervous, we just want answers.

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