Tuesday, January 24, 2006

  January 24, 2006

 Thank-you for visiting Ana Maria's website. Ana Maria will be admitted to The Kennedy Krieger Institute on February 6, 2006. We have full intentions of keeping everyone updated on her progress. We want to thank everyone for your donations. This whole ordeal has been uplifting and humbling. The Lord has worked through our community to help Ana Maria. This has been nothing but positive. I understand there are some questions about Ana Maria's donation jars at local places. A wonderful man from Maryland has come forward to pay for Ana Maria's treatment at KKI. He is paying whatever is left over after the raised money is used. We have raised alot of money with all of your help, but not even half of the cost of treatment. Ana Maria's treatment will cost $2,200 per day for 56 days. This estimated cost doesn't include unforseen events. Any money raised will continue to go toward treatment and/or expenses. It will not be easy leaving our other 3 children behind and keeping up with bills. I hope this clears up some of the concern. I want Ana Maria to be remembered by all. We feel the difference in our community. Ana Maria has brought us all together. Ana Maria is doing well. She had a rough day and had several complaints about her legs hurting. Maybe growing pains?... She hopes to hear from you while at KKI. We will be receiving mail and I will get the address posted here before we leave. Thank-you again to everyone.



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