Friday, December 30, 2005

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!!    I am doing well and very excited that Santa is on his way! Next week I will be getting an MRI of my brain to make sure everyhing is well in there. Then, in the coming weeks, Mommy will be taking me to Charleston for an evaluation. For some reason SC Medicaid wants to do their own evaluation. Keep me in your prayers. Maybe Medicaid will step up to the plate and help Mommy and Daddy pay for my treatment. The doctors at KKI were very nice. They have decided to put me in the inpatient intensive feeding program. I will be there with Mommy and Daddy for eight weeks. The estimated cost is around $125,000.00! It will be hard to raise that kind of money, but with God... anything is possible! We have a three to five month wait, which gives us time to get it together. 

 I want to Thank everyone who has helped me. My community is the best! Thank-you Ed! Thank-you Mr. & Mrs. Hackerman! Thank-you Catie from Montana's! Thank-you Mr. & Mrs. Rick Cooler from Cornerstone grill! Thank-you Sweet Beginnings & School Days! Thank-you Aunt Robyn & Stacey! Thank-you Bluffton Township Fire District! Thank-you Bahama Joe's! Thank-you Golis Family Jewelers! Thank-you Bluffton Today & WTOC! Thank-you Parkway Billiards! Thank-you Sea Island Pediatrics! Thank-you Mr. & Mrs. Richard Lawrence! Thank-you Mr. & Mrs. Takach! Thank-you Church of the Palms! Thank-you for making my future a possibility! Thank-you to those of you I do not know who have donated time and money to help me find a cure! We have raised over $30,000 so far!!!

 Time to go to bed so Santa can come. Good Night and God Bless you all!  - Ana Maria

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